Monday, January 29, 2007

HB 2443 a fair start to mitigate off-road damages

Illegal off-roader on non-motorized National Forest trail

PHOENIX -- Finally a decent move toward off-road vehicle reform being pushed by off-roader State Rep. Weiers (R-Glendale). Many dems are also in support of HB 2443, as is the Sierra Club.

If this bill passes, it'll be critical to ensure the copper sticker ORV fund is used for management, law enforcement, signing, education, and restoration, and not to expand ORV use or areas. This should be made clear in the bill language.

The final bill should also include provisions for stiff fines and ORV seizure for repeat and extreme offenders.

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Anonymous said...

Daniel, you are right in that what the money goes for has to be carefully watched. In Minnesota, part of the fuel tax is given to ATV groups, allegedly for education and maintaining trails. But the Department of Natural Resources doesn't meaningfully audit the money. So there are all kinds of abuses.