Friday, January 05, 2007

More of the best from the west for 07 and beyond

TUCSON -- Back from NYC/NJ/DC and will resume reporting here soon.

Huge thanks to Laura and family for hosting us. Thanks also to Bill, Brian, Rachel, Martin, Chris, Melissa, and Phoenix.

This site will be even better for 07, so watch it for cutting edge news and views from an unpredictable desert independent.

Quick environmental news: Holmgren's milkvetch, an endangered species I and others have worked to protect, just was granted greater habitat protection on 6300 acres for its survival and recovery in SW Utah and NW Arizona.

Here is my Wall Street Journal portrait from a 05 front page article. I just had to use it. Keep in touch, my friends.

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Anonymous said...

In today's world it is beyond me why we aren't growing "endangered" species in greenhouses in sufficient numbers to replant them in the wild, thus resulting in the species no longer being endangered. The excessive money spent on litigation would easily cover the costs of such a program. And instead of just closing off land to the public it would actually fix the problem in a proactive way.