Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Only Iraq surge should be Congress against Bush

TUCSON -- Everyone expects GW Bush to announce tonight that he wants to send 20-30,000+ more American troops to Iraq, including more troops from Arizona.

Bad idea. We've already had 3000+ US dead, 25,000+ seriously wounded, and likely hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths. Death is not the best liberation.

We cannot 'win' in Iraq and never should've gone to war there. We need to really support the troops and bring them home to their families so they can protect the homeland.

The war in Iraq is not protecting us, but it is costing way too much blood, and likely a trillion dollars (a million million dollars), jeopardizing other important priorities like education, transportation, immigration, and global warming.

Iraq is a civil war we should get out of. It is a mess, but one we can no longer clean up. We have to let the Iraqis work it out.

If Bush/Cheney, Inc. push for their surge, Congress must say no.

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Jeneiene said...

Even republican leaders are coming out saying that the war in Iraq does not serve our national interests. I think my deepest loathing is reserved for Libermann, who on News Hour last night, pandered to Bush in his complete support of the 'surge'. Even the anchor of that segment choked on the word 'independent' when she introduced him.