Sunday, January 21, 2007

Richardson best for West in D candidate pool now

TUCSON -- Governor Bill Richardson (D-New Mexico) jumped in to the 2008 Presidential race today from Santa Fe, as has been expected for some time.

From Texas to Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and California, Richardson would be good President for the west and southwest, and the nation.

As a very experienced Governor he has a better chance of winning the White House than anyone from Congress, as modern history shows.

Richardson should hold his own in this strong field of early Dem contenders. Bill is my top Dem choice right now, with John Edwards a close second, having met and talked with both at election events in Tucson this fall.

There are some solid Dem contenders emerging, making for a strong group and interesting primary choices for 08. Watch for Richardson to win the Nevada caucus on Jan 19 08.

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