Thursday, January 25, 2007

S. downtowners direct trucks to help quality of life

TUCSON -- The Tucson Weekly covers citizens' efforts to control commercial big rig trucks in our south downtown neighborhoods.

We don't want a scene like this in any neighborhood.

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laura said...

Hey Daniel,

Jeneiene sent me a link, to this article, on my blog. It peaked my interest because I have delt with this situation before, in my home town of Hightstown, NJ. A quaint lil town that has the problem of a two lane 25 mph road running right through the center. The problem being this road is also a bypass/link for RT 33. I always wondered why the truckers would come through there anyway considering the low speed limit, and the tough navigation required. What was once a pedestrian friendly town is now a down shifting, noise polluted rouge pass through. Many have written to their congressmen/women about the situation... but to no avail. As I have said to Jeneiene, one way roads, and or the closing of roads might be your only solution. I found the google search mention interesting. Good luck with this quest....... it's one certainly worth the fight.