Friday, January 12, 2007

Some encouraging signs from new Congress; A-

WASHINGTON -- The new Congress is off to a decent start, it looks to me. Dems are moving issues, with some GOP support.

Bush is on the ropes. But will he 'rope a dope' Congress? Like Ali, taking all the punches, but still standing as he deflects. GW doesn't really care what Congress thinks, given his ultra-executive power trips.

Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer in the House seem in control, at least for now.

Sen Hagel and other R's are critical of Bush's war escalation plans, as are 70% of Americans.

Rep. Grijalva is taking a stand, calling for removal of US troops from Iraq now. He may get the Tumacacori Wilderness bill passed this year.

Rep. Giffords must be feeling good coming in to Congress at this active time of struggle. On a local issue, she may want to speak out more for protecting the scenic Santa Ritas from foreign mining. It will be important for her to work with the Forest Service, residents, and conservationists on this controversial federal issue in her district 8.

One weak point so far is Congress not doing more now to curb global warming, a top issue of our day and threat to our future on earth. Auto state dems like Reps. Conyers and Dingell will be key. I think we will see some action here, but it remains to be seen how much progress is made toward needed 80% emissions cuts within 15-20 years.

Congress will have to fight Bush harder. Leaders should strongly consider cutting off Bush's Iraq war money fix. Congress should also put forward a clear plan to bring home all American troops by the end of 2007 so the Iraqis can settle and secure their country.

Congress gets an A- from me at this early time. Bush gets an F.

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shrimplate said...

Quite firmly I believe that emissions will decrease by amounts that you have suggested, simply as the resource becomes more scarce. Hubbert's Peak, Kenneth Deffeyes, Kunstler's "Long Emergency" and all that.

Trouble is, we won't have other kinds of energy to replace what we currently derive from fossil fuels. Our investment in suburban auto-based build-out will look pretty stupid then, in future hindsight.

But the air will be cleaner.