Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Biodiesel in city fleets a better plan for air & health

TUCSON -- The city is moving toward using B20, a 20% biodiesel blend, in trash trucks and other diesel fleet vehicles.

This is a good idea. No conversion required, just start using B20.

Biodiesel reduces smoke, stink, and global warming pollution.

Using biodiesel also helps Tucson do more to curb America's expensive war-causing foreign oil addiction.

When replacing vehicles, the city should keep and buy more diesels, and fuel them with B100 pure biodiesel for even more benefits.

My family uses biodiesel to power our VW TDI, and it works great.


Michael said...

Good for Tucson. Now whey don't they go to at least B50!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea oil caused any war anywhere on the planet. Where have I been?

DRP said...

On the B50 question: Diesels that have run on petrol diesel for a long time can start cleaning out the system with B20, and then move up. Starting immediately with B50 or 100 may not work well for the fuel system.

Older diesels pre-95ish should not use above B20 without fuel line modifications, but B20 should work great in them right away.