Friday, February 23, 2007

Cheney wrong again on global warming cause

WASHINGTON -- Who cares what all the world's scientists say, VP Dick Cheney continues to wrongly mislead about global warming pollution, continuing the Bush Administration's dirty legacy of fossil fuel politics over science.

It's another embarrassment for America every time Bush's Darth Vader veep opens his mouth.

Arizona and the southwest will suffer hotter and drier conditions now and in the future with no help from Bush/Cheney and their hot air gang.


Liberal Bias said...

There was a time when all the worlds scientists were in consensus that the earth was flat.
Since we are not currently experiencing an ice age (as predicted by all the world's scientists in the 70's), the ice caps are melting on Mars, blizzards have hit everywhere from Colorado to New York, and it snowed in Tucson this year; Cheney must be personally responsible for Climate Change in our Solar System!

bconley said...

Yea...It's Bush's fault!
Everything is Bush's fault according to you Lib's.
Al Gore is so concerned about the environment that he fly's in private Jets, owns huge homes and drives huge SUV's. The man more fuel in one year than 10 families could in a life time.

Every last one of you are Fakes. You're a bunch of power hungry Elitist.