Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mitigate pollution & heat from growing TUS flights

TUCSON -- Many are excited about the growth of quality air service here at TIA, including me and my family. We never fly Phoenix. The JetBlue NYC connection is great.

New non-stops to Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, and elsewhere are good for Tucson travellers, but more flights pump more pollution and heat into the increasingly dirty hot air of Pima County.

Airports are big sources of pollution, and the urban heat island effect -- which is especially bad in summer. As TIA grows, pollution and heat from it grows.

As we reap the economic benefits, we need to mitigate health and quality of life effects, especially to southside residents near the airport.

What will TIA, airlines, frequent flyers, and government do to mitigate pollution and heat from our busy and growing airport?

It can and should be done.

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