Monday, March 19, 2007

Tucson needs change: Patterson for Mayor 07?

Daniel R. Patterson in the Wall Street Journal

UPDATE, 3/29: Dan P. for Mayor (?) website

TUCSON -- I've pulled papers from the city clerk to consider a run for Tucson Mayor.

I'm an independent, pro-community progressive centrist, and fiscally responsible Democrat. I have business experience, and important city experience as a Tucson Planning Commissioner and President of the Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association.

I'm an Ecologist and Southwest Director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. My family and I live downtown. I helped get Reps. Gabrielle Giffords and Raul Grijalva elected to congress.

With Walkup, city residents are not getting much return on their investments in Rio Nuevo, growth management, water, and other programs. He's is a nice enough guy, but the former Raytheon executive hasn't accomplished enough for our city since taking charge in 2000.

Diverse voices are calling for a new Mayor.

"...Walkup has often been described in his seven years in office as Tucson's best cheerleader. His comments prepared for today's annual State of the City address will keep that description intact. Walkup's prepared remarks, for a speech that in essence is the opening salvo of his 2007 campaign for election to a third term, were long on cheers and platitudes and short on substance..." Tucson Citizen editorial, Jan 26 07.

"We’ve had enough cheerleading. Walkup’s monthly comments to Bill Buckmaster on KUAT-TV 6’s “Arizona Illustrated,” John C. Scott on KJLL 1330-AM and other media reporters don’t match reality. In every interview, the mayor assures us the Rio Nuevo downtown development project and other city efforts are “right on schedule,” and “going as planned,” with good things coming very soon. Many Tucson voters disagree. They’re critical, not just of Rio Nuevo, but also of traffic and transportation issues, growth, the ordeal of doing business with the city, and rising taxes and fees.
...someone should run. Tucson needs a leader and doer..." Inside Tucson Business, Steve Emerine, Mar 19 07.

Tucson needs a positive change at the top, and that could be Daniel Patterson for Mayor.

Mar 15 post updated Mar 19


laura said...

Good Luck!!!! You'll be a super Mayor.

laura said...
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quazi said...

Way to go!

AZW88 said...

Go For It

AZW88 said...


Stand up where some so-called front-runners failed to stand..

Michael said...

Dan, you should come down to Drinking Liberally and talk to us about your candidacy. Drop by for contact info.

Sky Jacobs said...

You've got support on the street!

x4mr said...
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DRP said...

Thanks. Good advice I may use IF I decide to run.

I'll be at the Shanty this Thurs. at 6 and 8:30pm.

be said...
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demarcatedlandscapes said...

Yes, definitely run! Your candidacy will help define the issues and you would take Tucson mgmt to a new level.

Preserve Wild Horses said...

Dan, I think you would be a great mayor. You certainly inspired me to be more vocal and active about Forest Service and AZ Fish and Game management policies. Let me know where I can send in my campaign contribution. I am a former board member of the Tanque Verde Democrats and I have met so many wonderful, inspiring people in the club. We were talking about how the Democrats need to recruit good candidates. You certainly are one. Would you be interested in speaking to our group sometime?