Monday, April 09, 2007

Bush flexes on border and immigration in AZ visit

YUMA -- President GW Bush today visited Arizona, focused on border and immigration issues. The visit comes just two days after migrants protested him in Los Angeles.

Thanks, Mr. President, for avoiding Tucson.

Bush and Congress may be getting closer to trying something on immigration, but it still seems like it will include too much border militarization.

Rep. Grijalva, my rep who covers SW Tucson to Yuma, was not there. He is very busy, and sometimes you are more powerful in absence.

Gov. Napolitano was there with Bush.

The President will continue to struggle most with his own GOP about reforming failed US border policy.

Bush should spend the political capital to lead with Congress for a border solution this year.

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laura said...

Hey Daniel!

Interesting post. I had no idea about this proposal... so thanks for keeping an eye out. I read the article.... I'm kind of confused though. You list this situation as " failed US Border Policy", and I couldn't agree more. We must think about where this policy began to fail. It's my opinion that failure began when they didn't stick to the law, regarding immigration. Well, how do we fix this mess? I gave amnesty great thought........ is that really fair to others that did it the right way? I think not. Would it be easy to give illegals tax ID#s? Sure, and would ease some burdens of us legal tax payers.. would it not? You suggested new residents to your home town should pay some sort of contributing fee to the pot.... is this sort of the same idea, when people should pay application/processing fees, to be legal? I say welcome to America folks! If I have to pay tons of fees to be here.. so should everyone else. It pisses me off that illegals are protesting, and demanding for things they are not entitled to as of yet. If they are busted, and have to leave their US born children well.... they should have given that more thought. It's called family planning. Nobody gets a free ride concerning everything. My point is.... how come I have to give matters great thought, and contribute a great deal........ if I pulled any stunts like that...... I wouldn't get off scott free either. It seems to me that some illegals only see their own point of views here. Like who wants to negotiate with that?