Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kyl: deadlines on dem wars, but not GOP's Iraq war

Dick Cheney, Jon Kyl and wife Caryll

WASHINGTON -- Arizona's other war Senator, Republican Jon Kyl, has been spewing again that we shouldn't set any dates to get out of Bush's Iraq war.

Not only is Kyl badly out of tune with the American people again, he also is flip-flopping from his earlier pushes for deadlines on conflicts waged by Democratic President Clinton.

GOP mouthpiece Kyl ripped the US Senate's withdraw plan today, saying it was "the first time I know of — in the middle of a war — that a country just announces that on a specific date it’s walking off the battlefield." He further griped, "It’s almost as if Americans want to say that we’re failing before our troops have a chance to get the job done."

Kyl hasn't said that twice during the Clinton administration, he voted for setting "a specific date" for American troops to "walk off the battlefield":

-- In June 1998, Kyl voted for amending National Defense Authorization Act for FY1999 to "require the President to submit Congress a plan for withdrawing United States forces from Bosnia and Herzegovina if the Congress does not so act by March 31, 1999."

-- In May 2000, during the Clinton administration, Kyl voted against removing language from Military Construction Appropriations Act of 2001 to eliminate provisions requiring the President to withdraw all U.S. ground forces from Kosovo by July 1, 2001.

Under Bush/Cheney, Kyl has wailed against timelines and has voted over and over to let Bush/Cheney keep us in the failed, deadly and expensive Iraq war as long as they want.

Super-partisan Sen. Kyl's shots for Bush from the extreme right-wing don't truly represent the views of most Arizonans.

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