Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Neighborhood wants responsible mosquito control

Pesticides can kill butterflies and harm human health

TUCSON -- Today the Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association inquired with Pima County and the city about recently announced mosquito control plans.

Our short letter to Pima County and the City of Tucson Office of Conservation is below.

How does the county plan to 'treat' standing water?

If pesticides will be used, has the county considered health concerns, and kill of other species besides mosquitos?

We are concerned that the fight against West Nile could lead to other problems created by pesticides and clearing of vegetation.

We await the response.


Indy said...

If the mosquito foggers come rolling into my neighborhood, you can be sure I'll lay my body down in front of it before my daughter inhales that poison into her lungs.

Foggers DO NOT control mosquito populations.

be said...

the propensity of localities to eradicate mosquitos using foggers is so outrageous. the health risks, as you mention, are rarely evluated in any meaningful way -

the foggers kill non-target species, again as you mention - in doing so eradicate any predators which potentially mitigate the spikes and vallies in populations - especially with mosquitos who's short life-span and vast numbers usually means they will bounce back in no time at all - but their predators are slower on the take. This means dependency on chemicals... are the longterm consequences being considered?