Monday, April 23, 2007

Rove's climate tantrum desperate & out of touch

Rove/Bush/Cheney, public enemies #1

WASHINGTON -- Bush's brain, Karl Rove, had a big tantrum Saturday night when asked about global warming and why his administration keeps making it worse.

Rove's childish temper shows just how desperate and out of touch the Bush/Cheney administration is on global warming, and just about everything else critical to America and the world.

If there is any justice left in this country, Rove will eventually be lead away from the White House just as this photo indicates.

Note to Bush/Cheney/Rove and big oil: No justice, no peace.

In other news, struggling Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona is reportedly going to speak today in support of CO2 emissions caps.

McCain rightly identifies global warming as, "a serious and urgent economic, environmental and national security challenge."


cpmaz said...

This comment isn't really pertinent to this post, but, geek that I am, I was watching AZ Capitol Television and saw where you were introduced by Sen. Soltero (I think) in the gallery.

So, as a candidate for the lege, what did you think of your day at the lege?

DRP said...

Thanks. It went well. To be clear, I am strongly considering a run for the House next year, but not a candidate at this time.