Friday, April 13, 2007

1 week Iraq war $ = solar for every Tucson house

WASHINGTON -- One week's budget for the Iraq war would put a $5,000 solar system (1.5 kW, AC) on every residence in Tucson AZ.

This would eliminate about 93 million pounds of CO2 per month.

The Iraq war costs $100,000 per minute, as stated by the Pentagon.
There are roughly 211,000 housing units in Tucson.
1 kWh = 2.2 lbs of CO2 not produced.
A 1.5 kW system produces about 200 kWh/month.

Celebrate the National Day of Climate Action this Saturday at Solar Rock, a free concert and info event from noon-5pm at Himmel Park in central Tucson (S. of Speedway, E. of Tucson Blvd.)

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