Friday, April 06, 2007

Walkup, city use staff & tax money on Iraq war 'A'

Pro-Bush/Cheney, pro-war Walkup

TUCSON -- I've discovered city crews and taxpayer money are being spent painting the pro-war design on 'A' Mountain.

Former Raytheon missle executive Mayor Walkup may spin that the red, white and blue 'A' is to 'support the troops.' But that's not how it started a few years ago by Ronstadt/Dunbar/Walkup in a pro-war frenzy.

To many the current 'A' isn't to support the troops, it is Walkup's pro-war, pro-Bush/Cheney symbol towering over the heart of our city.

Most Tucsonans oppose Bush/Cheney's failed Iraq war. Given the horrible status in Iraq, the city should at least restore neutrality to the 'A' with the traditional white paint, and then leave it alone.

Tucsonans protest when Walkup hosted Bush at TCC.

The idea that the city will keep the 'A' pro-war 'until the war on terrorism ends' is excessive. Of course, that 'war' will never end.

If right-wing volunteers want to buy and maintain the war paint, that's one thing, but Walkup and the city should not be spending city labor and tax money taking sides and maintaining a divisive symbol of Bush/Cheney's failed and bloody Iraq war.

Veterans and peace activists who may try to paint the 'A' black in mourning for dead troops and civilians should no longer be stopped by TPD as 'vandals.'

The city even viewed the recent St. Patrick's day green paint job on the 'A' as 'vandalism' and rushed crews out to restore the war paint.

My dad and grandfathers are veterans. I love America and support the troops, many of whom also hate the failed Iraq war.

The Bush/Walkup war 'A' should not be a city maintenance project.

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