Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another Bushie bites the dust: Julie MacDonald

Gunnison's prairie dog celebrates MacDonald's demise, but her bad decisions still stand.

WASHINGTON -- Julie MacDonald, a corrupt anti-environmental and anti-science political appointee in the Bush/Cheney Interior Department, has resigned.

I and other environmentalists have been after MacDonald for years due to her frequent overruling of agency scientists, and rewriting important federal environmental decisions across Arizona and the west to benefit industry. She has no training or education in natural sciences.

All greens should now call for a formal investigation and re-opening of MacDonald's unjustified decisions.

It's great that MacDonald is finally gone from Interior, but her dirty legacy should not remain.

MacDonald tours the Sonoran Desert's Algodones Dunes with off-road lobbyists, working on ending protection for endemic endangered species.


Jeneiene said...

Good riddance!

laura said...

I am in agreement with that!

paul said...

post a photo of her, I want to see the car wreck...