Friday, May 11, 2007

AZ should join NV for Jan 19 Pres. primary 08 vote

US needs a President who won't harm our SW desert bald eagles.

PHOENIX -- With Arizona now the fastest growing state in the nation, it is time for us to have more influence on the nomination of Presidential candidates.

Governor Napolitano and the Legislature should consider setting Arizona's primary to Jan 19, the same day as our neighbors in Nevada. Candidates are already campaigning in the Silver State, so it makes sense to focus on another southwestern state, Arizona, at the same time.

The states are jockeying to be early, but no states should set their primaries before Jan 2 08.

Republican John McCain should be for Jan 19, as he will likely win an AZ primary, and winning it early in the season would help him.

Speaking of campaigning and Arizona, now that Democrat John Edwards had a big crowd, it is time for other candidates to get to Tucson, especially our friend Gov. Bill Richardson from next door in New Mexico.

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