Thursday, May 03, 2007

Climate Change: Help review Desert Ice Project

TUCSON -- I received this today in my inbox, and have only glanced at it. Review is wanted so let's have some comments.


Dear Colleague,

My name is Ivaylo Avramov and I am writing you because of your work dedicated to climate issues. I'd like to introduce you one vision about how to tackle Climate Change consequences as part of bigger mechanism, and to hear your professional opinion regarding its feasibility.

I am conducting a research in the field of climate change (and what we could do to adapt to it). The study has multiple scientific, social, economic and political aspects.

The details are available at

There you will find a description of the project aimed to fight global warming (and many other related global problems like desertification / drought, food and water shortage, poverty, etc.) by global, complex measures.

The emphasis is on the belief that basically we can react to climate change in two key ways: 1. by intensive greening (more trees and leafs - more absorbed CO2, as well as more jobs, more income and profits, more stable economies and more well living people, etc.), 2. by sophisticated filtering and energy efficient systems not allowing heat-trapping gases to flow in the atmosphere.

Even UN admits in the latest Climate report that this problem (or chain of problems) should be considered more as economical, social and political, rather than purely environmental one.

I believe that this might be interesting for you from your perspective, and that the proposed measures could initiate a serious discussion.

Thank you in advance for any opinion, criticism or additional info.

I. Avramov
Sofia, Bulgaria

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