Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kyl won't protect US from global warming floods

Kyl and Bush salute their corporate masters.

WASHINGTON -- Last week marked the current Senate's first global warming vote, on an amendment to the Water Resources Development Act.

US Senator Jon Kyl (R - Arizona) unwisely voted against science, safety and the environment again.

Arizona's other 'Senator', John McCain (R), was AWOL again and didn't even vote. McLame almost never votes anymore because he devotes all his time to running for President, not working in the Senate to represent Arizonans.

The amendment would have required the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to make sure it considers the impacts of global warming -- including increased hurricane intensity, flooding and sea level rise -- when it designs levees and other projects intended to protect our homes and communities.

The good news: A majority of the Senate (51 senators) voted in favor of this amendment, leading the way for more success in curbing global warming pollution.

The bad news: The amendment was defeated because of rules agreed to that required 60 votes for the amendment to pass. Despite this global warming amendment not passing, some are very excited because the vote lays a solid foundation for more future legistlation to curb global warming pollution.

- adapted from NWF

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