Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Marching for humanity on May Day in Arizona

Crowds at AZ State Capitol in PHX today for fair & humane immigration reform

TUCSON -- Big May Day march with an estimated 2500+ here in the Old Pueblo and 50000+ in Phoenix. Many marchers were critical of details in the proposed STRIVE act currently under debate in congress.


laura said...

I dunno Daniel........ Yes, we are all human beings. But.... #1 They are protesting for things they are not entitled to.( in this country )#2 They are breaking major laws. #3 Protesting is a CITIZENS right.( a tax paying citizen ) They must know that even the right to protest IS NOT free. They should be protesting in thier prospective countries for a better way of life there before they start coming here illegally and demanding things here. This is what really pisses me off,( most tax payers) and we are not willing to negotiate with that.

Jeneiene said...

As a tax payer, you should also realize, Laura, that 'illegals' pay taxes but don't receive any of the benefits that come from being a tax payer in the US. There is a entire myth being perpetrated by our gov't that Mexicans who work in the US don't pay taxes. This is simply not true. Our gov't wants US workers to become inflamed at Mexicans about 'taxes' rather than take a hard look at why they immigrate here in the first place.

And that reason is summed up in the unfair trade imbalances of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) which effectively puts many Mexican farmers out of work due our flooding their market with our surplus soy and corn. We also put sweat shops in their country and pull them up when we can't make cheap enough crap there anymore.

As a tax payer, don't get pissed off at hard working Mexicans. Get pissed off at the US Tax Welfare Corporations.

PS, Ruby and I stood on the corner of 6th and 22nd and cheered Si Se Puede!

laura said...

What? They pay your typical tax on the dollar? Whoopy.....They( the illegals ) do not pay my public school taxes, they do not pay for thier medical bills. I know plenty of them personally. We are all just people.. I get it... and I'm absolutely not being discriminatory here. I know for a fact that most DRIVE illegally, many living in one rented shack illegally, and so forth. If people in other countries are tired of what's going on there, and they can't survive there... then protest there. Again... I know first hand because I am on a farm. They will work cheaper than me, and can do so because they don't pay for half the shit that I HAVE TO. Lets see... a house,taxes on the house,a car.. insurance on that car. I can go on and on here but I think you understand my point of view. I have nothing against people wanting to have a better life for themselves... but why can't this be done legally? It's really none of my affair as to why people would immigrate here..... if it's not done legally... they have no right what so ever to complain. OK so like my husband has been out of work for 2 weeks now. You think he can find work? Nope, and that's largely in part to employers going to the lowest bidder..... guess who that is? So right about now I don't really give a flying crap about NAFTA, and the problems in Mexico... sorry.... I don't see anyone protesting for people like us, and we are legal citizens. Do they have VALID SS#s? if they don't... they don't pay taxes my dear.