Thursday, May 17, 2007

Off-road rage riot in Utah BLM isn't talking about

LITTLE SAHARA DUNES, JUAB COUNTY UT -- Over 50 law enforcement officers from several agencies were assigned to the Little Sahara Recreation Area (LSRA) over the Easter weekend. Approximately 35,000 visitors were located within the LSRA administrative unit.

Officers were faced with near riot conditions on two separate nights involving approximately 1,000 people which required all available officers and over 5 hours to mitigate the situation; approximately 200 people were ejected from the main hill area and several were arrested when they returned.

Groups of partiers were blocking an area and forcing women to bare their breasts in order to leave, along with numerous incidents of unwanted fondling of women.

When law enforcement officers took action, the crowd became unruly, throwing objects at the officers. A Utah HP Officer was struck in the head and sustained minor injuries.

Medical assistance was rendered on 37 incidents. Over 300 incidents resulted in arrests and/or citations.

- from USDA LEI Weekly Report for 4/29-5/5/07.


PEER is investigating, but BLM officials in Utah so far are not returning calls.

Perhaps the Bush/Cheney BLM is so close to the ORV lobby that they are trying to cover this up?


Off-roader violence toward Sheriff in CA.

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