Sunday, June 03, 2007

AZ activist of the month: Jen Allen, Border Action

TUCSON -- Jennifer Allen, executive director of the Border Action Network, is doing some great work along with her staff, volunteers and other people who care about our failed, deadly and damaging border and immigration situation.

I've known Ms. Allen many years, and she's always had my highest respect. She and others have worked very hard to build BAN in to an effective organization for change.

BAN is co-sponsoring with Rep. Grijalva a public open house today on immigration policy considerations, including the STRIVE act and Senate bill. It is a tough issue to deal with this year, with complex compromise bills pending.

Now is a time for leadership, and Jen Allen is helping provide it. And for that, I honor her as Arizona activist of the month.

All activists of the month could also be activists of the year, decade, century, etc.

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