Friday, June 15, 2007

Bee serves gun lobby, not safety or environment

PHOENIX -- Senate President Tim Bee (R-Tucson) recently dissed public safety and environmental concerns by pushing a resolution for the gun lobby supporting wildcat shooting on the Ironwood Forest National Monument, just west of Tucson.

Shooting endangers visitors and trashes Ironwood National Monument. Star photo

I'm a proud gun owner, shooter and hunter, and I see Bee's move here as absurdly callous.

The gun industry and Bee are taking an extreme position against common sense, as they fight BLM Tucson's wise and needed proposal to restrict irresponsible shooting on the fragile and scenic Ironwood Forest National Monument.

The so-called 'moderate' Bee shows reckless right-wing views with his political service to the DC-based gun lobby on this issue. Mr. Bee seems to care more about pleasing slob shooters instead of protecting public safety and the environment on a National Monument in Southern Arizona.

This unwise position is one more reason Bee will get beat down by Congresswoman Giffords next year if he decides to challenge her.

'Protected' giant saguaro cactus shot on IFNM by unethical shooters. Star photo

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