Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tucson gets pro basketball team that needs name

Gila Monster

TUCSON -- Looks like my suggestions to City Manager Mike Hein may have helped, our big Old Pueblo is getting a pro basketball team this fall.

The Tucson ABA team has no name yet.

I suggest the Tucson Gila Monsters, or maybe the Tucson Saguaros.

We could also name them the Sidewinders now that the AZ Diamondbacks affiliated baseball team of the same name may be headed to Reno.


AZW88 said...

How about the Coyotes?
No, not the four-legged Canis latrans either.

Native Tucsonan said...

The ABA is not a pro-league! They've had more than 60 teams fold in the past couple of years thanks to mismanagement by the CEO, Joe Newman and it's "owners."

And for the name, Tucson Gila Monsters, it was the name of the pro-hockey team that played in the then West Coast Hockey League!

Stick to the environment Daniel, sports isn't in your "field."

Craig said...

How about the Desert Dunkers?

The team could be sponsored by a local coffee/donut shop.

OK, not really. :)

Seriously, 'coyotes' or 'saguaros' would work just fine.

DRP said...

native -- I remember the hockey Gila Monsters. There is no reason that good name couldn't go to a Tucson basketball team.

I may know nature slightly better than sports, but I'll take you to the hoop any day. ;>) DRP