Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BP, Indiana & EPA: Bad Polluters on Great Lakes

Human-powered fun and transit on Lake Michigan

UPDATE, 8/3: Chicago Sun-Times

CHICAGO -- British Petroleum (BP), Republican Governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels and the Bush/Cheney EPA have agreed on a Big Pollution plan for a new global warming worsening BP refinery in Indiana on Lake Michigan.

As a Great Lakes native and long-time Arizonan, I cherish the Great Lakes more than ever, as do the people.

Far too much of the Indiana shoreline around Gary is already an industrial waste due to poor decisions by corporations like BP, corrupt agencies and jerk politicians like Gov. Daniels.

In the US House right now members from both major parties are rising to blast BP and Indiana. R's and D's, especially from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota, are hammering BP, Indiana and EPA. Right on! Beat down BP.

Chump alert! Rep. John Peterson (R-PA) rises to lamely excuse BP, IN and Bush/Cheney.

Protect the Great Lakes and fight global warming. Truly go beyond petroluem, boycott BP stations now! BP cannot be allowed to increase harmful pollution in to our Great Lakes.

Time to sack BP. Go back to London, British Polluters.

The state of Indiana, with its relatively small frontage on the Great Lakes, cannot be allowed to compromise the health of the fragile global natural resource of the Great Lakes.

Shame on BP! Shame on Indiana! Shame on Bush/Cheney EPA!

Cancel the refinery. Stop buying so much gas, especially from BP.

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