Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day weekend: talking baseball

UPDATE, 9/1: The Sidewinders blew it last night by losing to Sac. Bummer.


TUCSON -- My three fave baseball teams, the Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Tucson Sidewinders are all in the playoff hunt.

Tucson is 4 games back of leader Sacramento as both teams start a 4 game series tonight at TEP park on the southside. If the Sidewinders sweep the River Cats, they win the division and move on to the playoffs.

My daughter and I are going to the game tonight at 6, and so should you. It should be some great baseball. The crowds lately have been very small, so come cheer on the 'Winders.

The DBacks beat the Padres last night in San Diego to take back first place. They could go all the way this year.

Detroit has been somewhat struggling, but is still in the hunt. The Tigers are 4 1/2 games back from the Indians, after having been in first place much of the season. Still, they are a strong team and should bounce back to win the AL Central, or a wild card slot. Right now Detroit is 3 games back, trailing New York and Seattle, for an AL wild card position.

Remember the past and current struggles of workers and labor this weekend, and take some time off to check out some American baseball.

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