Sunday, August 12, 2007

MarKos and DLC's Ford debate, attempt peace

Democratic candidates in Chicago recently

WASHINGTON -- Leading blogger Markos M. of DailyKos, and Dem Leadership Council head Harold Ford, debated today on Meet the Press.

I must give credit to Kos. He did a great job, actually 'beating' Ford, in a debate that was sometimes heated, but overall kept going toward the essential need for Dem unity.

Right now Kos is a top symbol and voice for the liberalization of the nation. This is a tall order, but he seems to be handling it OK right now. Nice job at the end with the hand shake.

As an Arizona liberal and blogger, I appreciate Kos' efforts today, and the efforts of all liberals, bloggers and activists everyday.

I also encourage and welcome a DLC move toward more liberal progressive values, something Ford said he's interested in. We'll see.

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Waage said...

Kos drives me crazy, but you're right, it was a good debate.

I'm honestly still quite sad that Ford did not take that TN Senate seat.