Monday, August 13, 2007

Rove latest sign of lost Bush presidency, hurt GOP

Bush embraces a Rove strategy

WASHINGTON -- Today's resignation of Bush puppeteer Karl Rove is the latest sign of the failed Bush/Cheney administration, and the badly damaged status of the GOP.

We can thank Rove for the continued Iraq war disaster and the imperiled status of US leadership in the world. As bad as the foreign policy situation is, Rove, Bush and Cheney also have failed to pass any major domestic initiatives.

Most recently Rove, Bush, Cheney and the GOP failed on immigration reform, leaving Arizona and other border states mired in the mess of failed and deadly federal border/immigration policy.

The demise of Karl Rove mirrors the demise of the Bush White House, now in dead duck status, and the tattered state of the Republican Party.

Rove is a bad but smart man. He's bailing out of a sinking ship. Good riddance, Mr. Rove. For the good of America and the world, please retire for real and stay out of politics.

I doubt that will happen. Rove is probably still scheming on how use fear mongering and other low down tactics to steal elections for the benefit of corporations, right-wing zealots and the super rich.

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