Monday, August 27, 2007

Safeway goes biodiesel in Tucson and Arizona

Safeway is already selling biodiesel in Seattle

TUCSON -- Supermarket giant Safeway is now using biodiesel in its 79 Arizona-based trucks.

Thanks in part to the good work of PAG's Colleen Crowninshield, Safeway will also sell B20 at its new fueling station on the corner of Broadway and Campbell near downtown Tucson.

According to Ms. Crowninshield, Tucson will be only the third city where Safeway is selling biodiesel. In addition to B20, let's hope they'll also sell cleaner B100 before too long.

This is good news for cleaner fuels and customers that Safeway is making these moves. The other major seller of biodiesel in Tucson, Arizona Petroleum (just north of 22nd St. and Cherry), could use some competition.


Jeneiene said...

FYI: John Edwards has come out against SUVs. In a speech in Florida, he has called upon Americans to give up their SUVs, claiming that Americans know how and are willing to make sacrifices. Yes, giving up your gas-guzzling mobile living room powered on the backs of American soldiers, and in the face of global warming is indeed a noble sacrifice. Here, here!

Anonymous said...

He is not willing to give up his SUV nor his 25 k square foot house.
I guess he means us, not them.
How about promoting biodiesel vehicles and speaking against the ethanol farce that's be touted as "good for the environment".
So far McCain is the only one to be will to inform the public about it.
Wonder why no one else will? Look who owns the ethanol plants vs the biodiesel plants.
I support your intent.