Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tucson Dem Debate: Glassman v. Reus

Moon rise over Tucson

TUCSON -- Ward 2 City Council Democratic candidates Rodney Glassman and Robert Reus debated this evening on Arizona Illustrated with Bill Buckmaster and Jim Nintzel.

I like Rodney, the heavy favorite, but he came off as kinda slick. He didn't give very clear answers on some key city issues, such as CAP water, the garbage tax, downtown and arts support.

About downtown community and arts, Glassman said 'everything downtown should be treated as a business.' He also hogged the mic and talked too long.

I was asked and I gave Rodney $20 for his campaign, so I pass on this advice in a positive spirit.

Robert Reus was more clear, although perhaps less charismatic, on key issues. He pushed the 'strong mayor/no city manager' vision for change of city government, and generally gave definitive positions on CAP water and the trash tax.

He doesn't have a campaign website, a weakness.

Reus said he will vote for the trash tax repeal and Tucson Water Users' Bill of Rights initiative, which is on the fall city election ballot.

Rodney has said he's against the citizens initiative and will vote against it. He has said those issues should be up to the City Council, but then he said in this debate that whether or not CAP water should be directly piped to Tucson Water customers (a bad idea) should be up to voters, not the City Council.

I don't live in Ward 2, so I can't vote in the Dem primary. Glassman and Reus both have good intentions, decent experience and skills, so I say take your pick. I think I could work well with either one of them.

Dems and Independents in Ward 2 may vote now in the primary. The Glassman-Rues winner will face Republican Lori Oien in the general election.

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