Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What exactly did Sen. Craig do in MSP bathroom?

Larry Craig's suspicious hands

UPDATE, 8/29: LA Times, NY Times

BOISE -- Larry Craig (R-ID) is one of my least favorite Senators. He's about as bad and extreme right-wing as Jon Kyl, our Arizona Republican.

I've been reading about Mr. Craig's arrest in June for lewd behavior in a Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport men's bathroom.

What I cannot understand from the media coverage is what exactly is he said to have done?

One article said he made hand and foot gestures suggesting gay sex? I can envision some hand motions, but what in the hell may he have been doing with his feet? The authorities say he tapped his feet, but what is that supposed to mean?

Was there a woman in that bathroom? Sounds like not.

But it seems there was an undercover cop there. What was the cop doing looking for signs of gay sex hand and foot movements? Was Craig just horny and wanting some quick action? Does the Senator masturbate with his feet? Did he offer money, etc.?

As a civil libertarian, I am a strong believer in the American right of being innocent until proven guilty, and that includes Mr. Craig. But he copped a 'guilty' plea in this situation. If he didn't do it, then why?

Craig seems to mostly just be saying now that he's not gay. OK, so he says he's not gay, but what is he alleged have actually done?

Who knows what will happen now to Mr. Craig or his case here, but from the vague reporting so far no one can really envision what he may have done in that airport bathroom.

The main issue here shouldn't be if Sen. Craig's gay or not, it should be is he lying and did he do something illegal and get caught?

Watch for Larry Craig to be run out of the Senate if too many homophobe GOP members, like Craig himself, decide he's likely gay.

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