Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Willie Nelson's new biodiesel and farming book

On the Clean Road Again

TUCSON -- Country singer and activist Willie Nelson has a new book out about biodiesel and the future of the American family farm.

As an enthusiastic biodiesel user, I am interested in reading it. You may also want to.


AZW88 said...

Chances are he is promoting corn as the raw materials for bio-d. Corn is not efficient source for biodiesel.

Biodiesel is the latest cause celebre, with politicians promoting it as the savior of the Iowa farmer. This is nothing short of pandering.

Jeneiene said...

As I understand it, any source of plant matter or vegtable grease is a good source of biofuel. And, I would disagree that is the flavor of the month cause. It is so popular here in Tucson that if 1)you look on Tucson Craigslist under cars you will see posts both selling their diesel cars for a profit due to demand, posts selling their non diesel cars under value and claming their sale is due to wanting to buy a diesel (usually a mercedes or vw) car, and 2) you go to fill up on diesel fuel on Cherry and 22nd, chances are that they have run out.

My concern, being a biodiesel supporter, is that in order to meet strong demand, there will be a strong market for genetically -engineered crops like corn and soy.

And, just fyi, I recently saw a news segment on Willie Nelson and his bio-fuel company (I think on 60 minutes), and he is actually taking a financial hit right now. He is genuinely behind this because it is the better environmental choice when faced with petroleum and the very non efficient ethanol fuel.

Our biodiesel in Tucson is soy-based and only the by-product of the processed soy is used for the fuel. The other parts of the soy can be used for food.

You are right, that local fuel would be best. There are folks right now in Tucson working on making that happen.

My dream car would be hybrid/solar diesel.

AZW88 said...

BIODIESEL is great, don't get me wrong. It is just that the notion that using corn as a chief source is just not the best way to go. Studies have shown that growing and converting corn to biodiesel consumes more fuel that it saves (based on the fuel needed to plant, grow, harvest and cook down etc) you get fewer gallons per acre planted that you do many other sources.

Brazil uses sugarcane, which produces a higher yield per acre. (but then Brazil is also destroying rain forests at an alarming rate to do so). I am not against biodiesel, just against the whole notion that corn is the way to go. It is the farm lobby and congressmen/women from the farm states that are pushing legislation promoting corn as a fuel source, regardless of the science.

DRP said...

AZW88 -- You may be confusing ethanol with biodiesel. Farm lobbies and farm state politicians have been pushing hard for corn-based ethanol, which does not make a lot of sense environmentally.

AZW88 said...

Dan, I think you may be right.... My bad...