Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wolf-huggers for Gov. Bill Richardson, donate now

Gray Wolf pup protected by Gov. Richardson

TUCSON -- Wildlife lovers and supporters of protecting and recovering the endangered Mexican Gray Wolf are raising money for Bill Richardson for President.

I donated yesterday, and you should donate now, please, if you like the earth we all depend on for survival.

Bill Richardson has been an environmental and conservation leader as Governor of New Mexico.

Bill has recently taken strong steps to better protect Lobos from assassination by Bush/Cheney federal agents in the Gila and Blue Range of New Mexico and Arizona.

We need a President from the West like Gov. Bill Richardson, who understands Western land, water, energy and environmental issues.

Please donate what you can today. May the howl be with you!

1 comment:

laura said...

I have howl within me Daniel.... I signed the HUGE petition to help save their way cool asses. Long live the beautiful howl of The Mexican Grey wolf!