Thursday, September 13, 2007

1000 trees will help beautify, cool and save energy

Tucson kids planting trees

TUCSON -- On October 27 people all across the city will be planting 1000 trees.

This is a positive and needed effort.

More trees will help beautify and cool Tucson. Trees reduce the urban heat island effect, lower energy use and related power bills, create cool parking spots, and provide more shade and habitat for people and wildlife.

My neighborhood, Santa Rita Park, where I am the elected President, will be planting at least 33 new community trees along 23rd street, between 4th & 6th avenues, and along 5th avenue, between 22nd and 25th streets.

Santa Rita Park neighbors have committed to care for the trees.

I thank '1000 Trees for Tucson' for donating trees to the Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association for this true 'urban renewal' effort.

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AZW88 said...

Trees cause pollution-Ronald Reagan

Of course he was a senile old F*CK even in 1981!