Friday, September 14, 2007

Alternative energy expo kicks off big downtown

Solar homes in south downtown

TUCSON -- The alternative energy expo kicked off today at the TCC.

I was there, and so was Congresswoman Giffords, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Kris Mayes, State Rep. Steve Farley, and many others in a big crowd this afternoon.

There is some interesting stuff there, like the bag of coal at the Technicians for Sustainability booth which shows how much coal you can avoid burning daily by going solar, to the CNG-fueled Hummer, which I'm not really sure is too eco at all, but still interesting.

In a week that was dominated with more spin about the deadly Iraq war -- a war we need to get out of now -- this expo was a positive way to end the week.

Our national and natural security depends on Americans and people worldwide using clean renewable energy sooner, not later.

I feel like a proud patriot in my solar-powered house and biodiesel-fueled car, and even more so when I'm on my bike or walking.

Green is the new Red, White and Blue.

The energy expo is a worthwhile event, and it continues all day tomorrow if you want to check it out.

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