Monday, September 03, 2007

Jaguars left for dead by Bush/Cheney USFWS

Jaguar 'protected' at El Paso zoo, but not in the wild

ALBUQUERQUE -- At the same time Bush/Cheney are building harmful wildlife-blocking Berlin Walls on the border, their US Fish and Wildlife (dis) Service is refusing to follow the law and protect habitat for the highly endangered Jaguar.

Persecuted by ranchers on both sides of the border, Jaguars are struggling to reclaim their former US range in sky islands of southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico.

Just another day of anti-science, anti-public-interest, anti-conservation lawlessness from Bush/Cheney, the worst American administration in modern history.

May Mr. Cheney someday be taken out by a Jaguar on one of his drunken 'shoot from the truck' hunting trips.

Read more about this outrage against wildlife here, with some important hard-hitting comments by my good friend Michael J. Robinson in Pinos Altos NM.


DRP said...

Bill has left a new comment on your post "Jaguars left for dead by Bush/Cheney USFWS":

If the border fence goes in as planned we can kiss the jaguar and many other cross-border species goodbye.

What a terrible, politically-motivated idea!

(I had to post this myself due to a tech prob. with this comment)

Anonymous said...

Any word on whether Hayden will become part of the superfund? Can't get any responses from AZDEQ.