Saturday, September 01, 2007

Labor Day weekend: talking college football

BYU stadium, Provo Utah

TUCSON -- Some more sports views here, with some political comparisons.

In the blue economically down state of Michigan, my alma matter Michigan State destroyed Alabama-Birmingham. Go green!

Down the road in Ann Arbor, powerhouse Michigan lost to Appalachian State. A big blow to the masses in the big house, and sure to have shop rats and others all over the state drinking more beer in mourning.

In Provo right now Arizona is losing to BYU. The Cats had a very poor offensive first half. The red state Utah beats purple and bluing state Arizona.

The catholics also got beat bad today with Notre Dame going down in flames against Georgia Tech.

Idaho goes to USC tonight to get killed. Another hit to the red state during a historic week of Larry Craig's lies.

A storm is moving toward south downtown. Loud thunder is booming.

The second half has started in Provo, and UA seems to be doing better from what I can hear on my FM radio. Can the Wildcats beat the Mormons?

By the way, the Canadian mining corporation that wants to wreck the scenic Santa Rita Mountains is advertising on UA football radio at 107.5FM. They say they are a 'proud community sponsor of UA Athletics.' Sure, a community sponsor from Vancouver. Right, guys. What BS!

Why is UA taking money from the mining speculators causing the controversial issue of destructive open pit mining on the Coronado National Forest south of Tucson?

It seems UA Pres. Robert Shelton will take money from anyone for sports, then cut jobs and programs at UA.

4th quarter now. Looks like the Mormons will win this game.

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