Thursday, September 27, 2007

Richardson only big candidate that would end war

Bill Richardson

UPDATE, 10/1: Richardson has sound quarter of fund raising.

ALBUQUERQUE -- Last night, in the MSNBC debate in New Hampshire, Tim Russert asked this simple question: if you were President, would you pledge to have all the troops out of Iraq by 2013?

Hillary Clinton said no. Barack Obama said no. And John Edwards said no. Then, all three refused to pledge to remove all of our troops and end the war. All three made it clear they would be willing to leave troops in Iraq for at least another 5 years. That's another 5 years of American soldiers dying.

Governor Bill Richardson is the only major candidate in this race who is committed to getting every soldier out of Iraq starting immediately, and getting them all out safely and quickly within a year. No ifs, ands, or buts.

You can't have it both ways. If you leave troops in place, you aren't ending the war -- you're leaving American men and women in harm's way.

84% of Democrats want to end the war now, and bring every soldier home. Congress is out of touch with America -- and so are the other candidates.

They change the mission and leave troops in Iraq. I end the war and get all the troops out. It is a simple question: do you want a candidate that will end the war?

If you want to end the horrible Iraq war, support Bill Richardson.

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Anonymous said...

Republican Ron Paul is also a major candidate who will end the war and will bring the troops home as fast as is safe. He has emphasized this in his campaign over the past year.

The Richardson and Paul ideas for ending the war in Congress are quite similar and are both based on a strict adherence to the Constitution.

We are fortunate to have basically the same method for ending the war in both major parties.

At the ABC debate when the Democrats were introduced to the Republicans, Richardson and Paul gravitated to each other.