Monday, September 03, 2007

Unity and politics at Tucson Labor Day celebration

TUCSON -- There was a good turnout at the 11th annual Tucson Labor Day celebration, on a nice day at Reid Park in midtown.

Many unions, immigrant rights and other pro-labor orgs were there, along with miners fighting Grupo Mexico in Cananea, Sonora.

Several Democratic elected officials and candidates showed up, including Phil Lopes, Tom Prezelski, Terry Goddard, Karin Uhlich, Steve Leal, Regina Romero, Nina Trasoff, Jorge Garcia, Richard Elias, Sharon Bronson and Shirley Scott.

Dave Croteau, Green Party candidate for Mayor, was there too.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was represented by her District Director, Ron Barber.

Rodney Glassman was represented by his campaign manager, Katie Bolger.

Vince Rabago gave a good speech for the Pima Dems.

Fellow influential political blogger Tedski was also there.

Great music, dancing, food and drinks.

I saw no GOP officials at the event.

Overall, spirits were pretty high.

Let us all remember the current and past struggles of workers, including the important fight for respect and fair pay that Tucson public school teachers and the Tucson Education Association (TEA) are in right now.

Unions TEA, AFSCME and CWA urge you to join Tucson's teachers for a rally Sept 11 at the TUSD Governing Board meeting, 1010 E 10th St., 5:30-7pm.

These 3 unions say 'the next step in revitalizing the labor movement in Tucson has begun in response to a management meltdown at TUSD.'

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