Thursday, October 11, 2007

Border bullies hate flags and want new 'Berlin Wall'

US and Mexico are friendly partners

UPDATE, 10/15: The museum has restored both flags. Good move. Thank you.

TUCSON -- By threatening to kill its native Sonoran Desert animals, border militarization zealots bullied the world-famous Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to remove the Mexican and US flags which have flown at its entrance for 53 years.

The handful of flag haters are the same violent mouth breathers -- usually moved by ignorance and racism -- who support Bush/Cheney/Chertoff's unethical new 'Berlin Wall' on the San Pedro River, and across the entire border with our friendly neighbor and critical economic partner, Mexico.

Most Americans do not agree with them.

Thankfully, a wise judge yesterday applied American law and halted Bush's immoral Berlin Wall project on the San Pedro River, but the feds may ignore the courts and keep on walling.

At the museum, morons making threats about the Mexican flag don't seem to know that most of the Sonoran Desert is in Mexico.

Desert museum leaders should not bow to these extremist threats. They should put both flags back up today.

The museum should bring in more security to protect the animals from any minuteman-types trying to harm the native Sonoran Desert animals at the museum. I'll volunteer, and so would many others who are outraged by the blowhard border bullies.

The Pima County Sheriff should try hard to track down whoever is making the threats, and help better protect the museum.

This outrageous disgrace should not stand.

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AZW88 said...

I am PISSED OFF that the ASDM gave into thugs and threats.

That flag has been there all of my life, and it was always clear to me that it was there because the name of the museum is ARIZONA-SONORAN Desert Museum, not the WASP-Arizona desert Museum.

Flying flags of other countries at other locations is another story. It always bothered my mom when she saw flags of other countries fly at the mall, or other such locations at an equal height as the US flag. It bothers me a bit too, but we've never even thought about threatening death and distruction over the matter.