Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daniel's recommendations for city candidate votes

Downtown Tucson

TUCSON -- Here are my recommendations on who to vote for in the city election.

City Council: Regina Romero, Rodney Glassman and Shirley Scott (all D).

Mayor: Dave Crouteau (G).

I encourage both Beryl Baker (G) and Dan Spahr (R) to stay involved in local politics. They both have good ideas, but are not ready for the council yet.

Bob Walkup (R) is a nice guy, but after 8 years Tucson would benefit from some new ideas in the Mayor's office.

Be sure to vote Nov 6, or fill out and return your vote-by-mail ballot by Friday.


B. Kalafut said...

Romero and Scott I can understand, but what brings you to recommend Glassman?

DRP said...

Glassman is simply a better choice than his GOP challenger. The Republican talks about supporting neighborhoods, but recently decided last-minute to not participate in a neighborhood-sponsored elections forum. The Republican did this with no explanation after confirming participation earlier. So much for talking with neighborhoods; flaky and unreliable, in my view.