Saturday, September 29, 2007

Desert canyon bombs boat, kills 2 at 'Lake' Powell

Beware of boulders bombing boats

by GW Hayduke

HALLS CROSSING UT -- The strong, beautiful and unforgiving desert hit back at us Friday in Glen Canyon (aka the controversial 'Lake' Powell reservoir on the Arizona-Utah boundary) when a huge rock fell off a sandstone canyon wall and crushed a power boat, killing two boaters.

Let me be very clear, I do not celebrate the death of these 2 people in any way. I'm sad they died and feel sorry for their families.

What will the Bush/Cheney National Park Service do to keep boats away from these deadly rockfall areas on 'Lake' Powell? Likely nothing, due to political pressure from the power boating lobby.

Boaters be safe, stay away from the dangerous 'Lake' Powell reservoir.

We must all be aware that nature bats last, and to many people 'Lake' Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam are crimes against nature.


Jeneiene said...

This is a natural accident that could happen ANYWHERE, and is reasonably not attributable to an act of aggression by 'mother nature'. Feminists and non-patriarchal types view mother nature as compassionate, giving, and nurturing. We must resist or ignore these attempts to portray nature as a violent archtype--a throwback to the days when male leaders exhorted pioneers to control and subdue nature. Violent rehtoric is not the answer to a world that needs a compassionate vision and dialouge.

AZW88 said...

THe dam and lake Powell are here to stay. Accept that fact. Maybe it shouldn't have been built, but that is water under the bridge (and I have driven over that bridge many a time). I know that Barry Goldwater said it was one vote that he wished he could take back.

I don't think folks would be happy with what Glen Canyon and the Grand Canyon would look like if they drained the lake and tore down the dam. 40+ years of silt build up is ugly. I've seen what some parts of the canyon look like after the lake levels dropped. And this is was in areas that were only under water from the 1983 floods to about 2000.

RRR said...

Amazing on how you get a few things right, and some wrong, others you blow out your vent!

Please come to Powell and make sure you utilize the shading of all of the offered alcoves for such. Too bad the chances are that another news story won't come from it.

But who knows?

Right wrong does not matter today, it's been here for 40 years! It is not going anywhere soon! In fact EVER!

Get over it and move on to global warming already, you have a ready and willing audience of head nodders with such.