Monday, October 08, 2007

Green Magazine hits SoAZ with positive style

Boy with chickens, Tucson, 1930s

TUCSON -- A new monthly magazine hit the streets last week, Tucson Green Magazine.

Tucson Green Magazine is about educating, empowering and inspiring readers to make a difference in our Tucson community and in the world.

Articles focus on Sustainable Living, Community Spirit, Natural Health, Consciousness, and the Products, Services, Economics and Activities of "Green Living."

Tucson Green aims to provide an upbeat, fresh voice for the exchange of ideas among people, organizations and businesses working together to create positive change.

Pick up Tucson Green Magazine free around town. The first issue has a good article from local writer Jeneiene Schaffer about one of my favorite topics, raising chickens in the city.

Be a true patriot. Green is the new Red, White and Blue.

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