Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jaguars, wildlife and bad border wall blockades

Big Jags trying to make a southwest comeback are at great risk from border walls and militarization by Bush/Cheney DHS

TUCSON -- High Country News has a feature article out about border walls and Jaguars. I am quoted for PEER.

Daniel Patterson is Southwest director and ecologist for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a private group that advocates for professionals who work for government agencies charged with enforcing environmental laws. Patterson calls the Fish and Wildlife opinion "very disturbing. The border walls would be a huge problem. People have largely been celebrating the slow return of the jaguar to Arizona and New Mexico. The political people at the Fish and Wildlife Service seem to be willing to write the jaguar off. The Fish and Wildlife Service once again is not enforcing the Endangered Species Act."

Patterson... contends that morale at Fish and Wildlife and other land and wildlife agencies is dismal due to politicization of enforcement and ignorance of the law.

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