Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pima County fights reckless AZ State Land Dept.

Davidson Canyon

UPDATE, 10/17: Vail Sun editorial

VAIL AZ -- Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll is calling upon Governor Napolitano to stop a county-opposed mine near Davidson Canyon permitted by her State Land Department.

The proposed mine would be on State Land in Carroll's district.

I agree with the County here. The Phoneix-based Arizona State Land Department, under the direction of Mark Winkelman, has acted reckless and greedy for too long, with little to no regard for conservation or quality of life.

State Land Commissioner Mark Winkelman (left) taking big corporate money

Reform of the State Land Department is one reason I am running for the Arizona House. If elected, I will pursue public-interest reforms of this important, but little known, state agency.

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Ron Kearns said...

I am amazed and dismayed how state and federal governments are dismissive regarding information requests from local governments and members of the public. Surely, the Pima County Board of Supervisors has initiated a public records request for all pertinent documents and information. Better yet, a Board member should visit the State Land Department during business hours to receive that information firsthand in a timely manner.