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Richardson's NM 'Wolf Week'; Janet, why not AZ?

Long live lobos in the Gila and Blue

UPDATE, 10/19: Bill Richardson will be in Tucson and Phoenix Oct 27 for public events. See bottom of this post for details.

-- My favorite presidential candidate, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson recently issued a proclamation designating October 15-19, 2007 "Wolf Awareness Week" throughout the state. The proclamation is part of a nationwide effort to highlight the essential role of wolves in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

I welcome this good news from New Mexico this week as I am on my wild turkey hunt in the wolf country of the Blue Range. Richardson again goes to bat to protect wolves. Wolves are doing better in New Mexico now due to Governor Richardson facing down anti-wolf forces within the federal program. I ask Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to please strongly join this effort, as wolves in Arizona are still being persecuted and micro-managed by USFWS, Arizona Game & Fish and others trying to please never satisfied cowmen.

"As keystone predators, wolves play a critical role in maintaining balanced ecosystems," said Governor Bill Richardson. "We must redouble our efforts to promote healthy wolf populations coexisting with our communities and land stewards - both in New Mexico and across the country."

In New Mexico, the Mexican gray wolf had been all but eliminated from its native range by the 1970's. Its plight in the rest of its native range, which included portions of Arizona, Texas, and Mexico, also was grim. In 1976, the Mexican gray wolf was listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA), and a captive breeding and recovery program was established the following year.

The Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program is led by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, with participation by the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish and other state and federal partners. At the end of 2006, there were 59 Mexican wolves in the recovery area that spans portions of New Mexico and Arizona. Work is ongoing to manage that population and grow it to a sustainable and healthy level.

Text of Gov. Richardson's proclamation:

WHEREAS, the wolf is a symbol of wilderness, our wildlife heritage, and an integral part of natural ecosystems; and

WHEREAS, a growing awareness of the benefits of maintaining biological diversity has raised public interest in the wolf; and

WHEREAS, The Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan, as mandated by the Endangered Species Act of 1973, was adopted by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1982 and the Blue Range Wolf Reintroduction project was initiated in January 1998, and the subsequent release of wolves into the Gila region of New Mexico and the Blue Range area in eastern Arizona; and

WHEREAS, the Mexican Wolf remains imperiled throughout the recovery area; and

WHEREAS, the New Mexico State Game Commission and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish have redoubled their efforts to work with all interests to promote healthy wolf populations coexisting in reasonable compatibility with our communities and land stewards in New Mexico; and

WHEREAS, the survival of the wolf in the United States of America remains uncertain and depends upon continued public support and increased understanding of the essential role wolves play in nature;

NOW, THEREFORE I, Bill Richardson, Governor of the State of New Mexico, do hereby proclaim October 15-19, 2007 as: "Wolf Awareness Week" throughout the State of New Mexico.

I am glad to see this proclamation, especially after Richardson's recent remarks in Las Vegas on consideration of trying to move Great Lakes water to the overdeveloping desert southwest. This is a very bad idea Richardson is wise to move away from.


Please speak for the wolves and better protection for their recovery at upcoming FWS public hearings in Arizona and New Mexico, Nov 26-Dec 8:

November 26 - Flagstaff AZ; November 27 - Hon-dah AZ; November 28 - Alpine AZ; November 29 - Grants NM; November 30 - Albuquerque NM; December 1 - Socorro NM; December 3 - Alamogordo NM; December 4 - Las Cruces NM; December 5 - Glenwood NM; December 6 - Safford AZ; December 7 - Tucson AZ; December 8 - Phoenix AZ


Big Bill will be in Arizona on Sat. Oct 27 for events in Tucson and Phoenix.

Breakfast with Bill Richardson in Tucson, 8-9a, Home of Fletcher and Liz McCusker, 3233 East Via Palos Verdes, (2 blocks east of Country Club, just south of Broadway). To RSVP contact Roshan Patel at 505.239.4697 or Plan to donate if you show up.

Also in Tucson, he'll be talking about his energy plan and introducing Mi Familia con Richardson from 9:30-11:30am, ArtFare the Muse, 55 N. 6th Ave., Tucson.

In Phoenix, everyone is invited to a "Fajita Fundraiser" with Governor Richardson to launch the "Mi Familia con Bill Richardson" program. Be there 2-4pm to meet Governor Richardson and learn about this nationwide family-to-family grassroots program to get the Governor's message to Latino communities. Location: IBEW Building, 5808 N. 7th St., Phoenix.

Enjoy great food provided by Mi Patio Restaurant at the Phoenix event; plates are $10 each and all proceeds go to the Richardson for President campaign.

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Bosknowdefense said...

I would like to see Governor Richardson push for the University of New Mexico to use his influence to have the university addopt a live wolf as mascot at outdoor athletic events (of course I am referring to a tame Lobo) but what a great way to shine a light on his cause. You've heard of Ralphie the Buffalo at CU and Bevo U of Texas. LSU has a live tiger on the sidelines