Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tucson police step up unwise attacks on bicyclists

Why are Miranda's cops harassing, not protecing, bicyclists in so-called 'bike friendly' Tucson?

UPDATE, 11/1: Others' views on this in the Tucson Citizen

TUCSON -- So much for clean transportation, exercise and conservation, it seems Chief Miranda's TPD got out-of-control last night, harassing and violating the rights of bicyclists on a community bike ride.

Our city will never get the platinum rating, and will likely lose the gold, if TPD doesn't clean up its act now and protect bicyclists instead of harassing them.

Unaccountable Miranda has refused to address these concerns.

Will City Manager Mike Hein do his job and put a stop to this unjust police aggression toward bicyclists?

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Ron Kearns said...

Tucson appears to be faced with the well-documented problem of finding qualified law enforcement officers. Standards are lowered and officers are kept even as subpar performance in training and job performance is explained away, a troubling precedent for citizens who are confronted by such officers. I have former colleagues in law enforcement who took early retirement because of the current state of law enforcement; local, state, and federal. They, in good faith of their oaths of office, could not approve of the lowered standard concept in a field that demands the utmost of honesty, integrity, and dedication.

Fortunately, there are still many good honest, ethical, and dedicated men and women in law enforcement, but the trend is declining and from all appearances Tucson may fall in that deficit category. I would think there are more subversive criminal elements in that fine city that demand more surveillance than spandex-clad bicyclists do. If I did not know something of the people who reported these incidents in the article, I would have written this story off as fiction or sour grapes. Unfortunately, I think the facts were presented.