Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Unwise meddling feds, cowmen target Gila wolves

Let the wolves live wild

SILVER CITY NM -- The Bush/Cheney US Fish and Wildlife (dis)Service is unethically targeting an important pair of endangered Mexican grey wolves for removal from the wilds of the Gila National Forest.

Wolves should be largely left alone, but instead are being badly micro-managed and persecuted, which is stopping recovery and keeping the wolves highly endangered. The southwestern wolf recovery program is being poorly run and needs a major shakeup.

The main problem has always been, and remains, poor animal husbandry by ranchers who don't take care of their livestock.

Plus, when ranchers run livestock on America's public lands, they must be willing to take the chance with wolves. Either co-exist with the wolves, or keep your livestock on private land.

Let the wolves be wild. Stop big government meddling in our southwestern web-of-life.

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