Friday, November 09, 2007

Arizona wise to join pollution lawsuit against EPA

Unhealthy global warming pollution chokes Arizona's capital city

PHOENIX -- Arizona has smartly joined California and 13 other states in a critical public-interest legal action against the Bush/Cheney Environmental Protection Agency.

Arizona's decision to join the lawsuit was announced this week as metro Phoenix suffers record heat and high pollution levels.

Tucson also has declining air quality, which like in Phoenix, is mostly due to motor vehicle pollution.

Guarding polluters instead of public health, EPA has been shamefully blocking states from take measures to protect health and the environment from tailpipe global warming pollution, which has forced states to go to court for relief.

Arizona has had a very warm fall, and our winter forecast is for continued drought. Global warming related climate change is already affecting the southwest, making it hotter and drier. Not good. Our future is at risk unless we cut global warming pollution 80% by 2050.

The feds should be in the lead on this, but of course are not helpful under the destructive Bush administration. EPA is an important agency, but staff morale is very low after 7 years of pro-pollution political interference by Bush political appointees.

Governor Napolitano has done the right thing by joining this critical fight for our future against EPA and global warming pollution.

The Arizona Legislature should support this action for clean air, not try to undermine it.

The US Congress is also starting to strongly challenge EPA's failure to cap global warming pollution.

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